Download + Print

Whether you have one or two little makers at home or a whole classroom of rowdy ones on Sunday — our crafts are just a click away. Just print out the number you want, hand ‘em out and sneak a few goldfish for a job well done.


Cut + Paste

Good ‘ol scissors and paste. Our crafts don’t require more than you handle (props to the Pinterest moms out there, we ain’t you) Just scissors and paste and your little makers create — we think it leaves more time to hear the story and more time for snacks. We really like snacks.

Learn + Transform

But seriously, we are all about pointing kids to Jesus. Yes, we make crafts but we mean it when we say they’re bible-centered crafts. They’re intentionally created to teach a biblical truth. We haven’t succeeded in making a craft unless it points back to Jesus.

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We are a husband + wife design duo using our God-given talents to teach kids about Jesus in the best way we know how. We’ve created crafts for them (and you!) to use. They’re easy to make, rad to look at and they teach kids some of the best lessons of all — the ones that Jesus taught wayyyy back in the day. 


We want to point kids to Jesus because we believe He is good news. We believe He made us in His image to be creators! Children know this and we don’t want them to get taller and forget.